Company Overview

At By Grace Not Perfection LLC, we believe that small businesses are only as effective as the people behind it all. Many service-based businesses deliver great results for clients, but how many actually see their clients for who they are? In our fast paced society, it is commonplace for businesses to resemble assembly lines with a mission to “get it done and move on to the next.” A lack of empathy leaves many entrepreneurs distrustful of delegation and they eventually decide that they are better off just doing it themselves. This is where burnout begins -- the expectation that you have to do it all, and perfectly. BGNP works with small business owners because we understand how scary it can be to entrust someone else with something you’ve worked so hard to build. The good news is, BGNP is just as passionate about seeing your brand develop into its fullest potential as you are. And the even better news is, BGNP doesn’t just see your brand -- we see you. To us, you are not a mere piece of the puzzle. You are the brand.

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Our mission

To provide small business owners with premium branding services, a holistic consumer journey, and education that ensures sustainable brand effectiveness.

Our vision

To be the exemplar for brand consulting and assistance in the services industry, recognized for our holistic consumer approach, the integrity of our business practices, and the quality of the services we deliver.

Our Values

You are not a number to us. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with each client.

As an online service-based company, BGNP’s services are tailored to meet your needs and delivered in a timely fashion.

We strive to honor your values, time, and investment throughout your journey with us. BGNP brings integrity, authenticity, and professional communication to each client interaction, and the same is expected in return.

While we enjoy working with clients long-term, we strive to educate throughout the journey so that when you are ready to begin implementing our strategies without further assistance, you have the necessary tools and strategies to do so.

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