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Interviewed for Feature in BEYOUROWNUK Magazine

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott was mentioned by Samanah Duran to her team and invited to interview for BEYOUROWN UK Magazine!


BEYOUROWN is a digital media & news company dedicated to inspiring young women in business. Led by founder, CEO & contributing editor, Samanah Duran, BEYOUROWN’s rapid growth & evolution is down to continuously delivering a fresh perspective from a wide community of the most affluential, influential and entrepreneurial game changing women of today. BEYOUROWN help empower and support young women that are passionate about changing lives. Worldwide leading ladies use the BEYOUROWN platform to tell their stories, offer advice and share their knowledge, covering topics such as Business, Music & Media, Science, Tech & Art and Sports.


Samanah Duran is a British fashion designer & successful businesswoman and was listed as Forbes 30 under 30 Europe 2017. As company Founder, CEO & Creative Director, Samanah is setting a great example as an aspiring 21st century entrepreneur, for an audience of all ages. Her fierce emphasis on inspiring each individual to embrace their identity and to take pride in their individuality is perfectly presented in her vision for innovative clothing, which was revolutionized through the crafting of indulgent streetwear with the power to evoke self-expression.


Check out the full interview HERE!

Guest Blogger for Hand to Hold

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott was invited to guest blog for Hand to Hold! Check out her story HERE!

Interviewed on "The Ashley & Grace" Podcast

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott was interviewed on "The Ashley & Grace Podcast" about her NICU experience, "idea worth spreading," and The 45-Day Keepsake Journal for NICU Mamas.

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Interviewed on "Shouting About the Silence" Podcast

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott was recently interviewed by "Shouting About the Silence" podcast host, Madyson Cohen, about her NICU experience, advocacy, business, family planning, feminism, and The 45-Day Keepsake Journal for NICU Mamas.

"At some point in their life, everyone will know someone with a child in the NICU. Kayleon Dortch-Elliot joins Mady this week to share her experience as a NICU mom and advocate. Kayleon talks about how she turned her experience into a service for other families, and she gives advice on how to best support members of your community who have a child in the NICU."

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Visit https://shoutingaboutthesilence.weebly.com/

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By Grace Not Perfection with Kayleon Dortch-ElliottGodly Vibes Only Podcast
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Interviewed on "Godly Vibes Only" Podcast

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott was recently interviewed by "Godly Vibes Only" podcast host, Monisha, about her book "One Day At A Time: Remaining in Step" 30-Day Devotional, ministry, business, and more.

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Visit https://godlyvibesonlypodcast.com/podcast

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Guest Speaker for We Rock Business Virtual Summit

Guest Speaker for I Am Beautiful Empowerment Conference

Interviewed on "Speak Easy" Podcast

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott was recently interviewed by "Speak Easy" podcast host, Altovise Pelzer, about her experiences in the speaking and writing industry, lessons along the way, and opportunties offered through her business, By Grace Not Perfection LLC.

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