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Meet the Guests

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April 3. 2020

Ryan West

Ryan is a U.S. Navy Flight Deck Director, Fitness App Creator, Podcast Host, Adversity University Course Creator and Wellness Entrepreneur. In 2000 Ryan was diagnosed with brain tumor and suffers from the disease "Acromegaly" which is a form of giantism. Ryan's passion is wellness and health and he wants you to live a giant healthy life! 

Michelle Weidenbenner

Michelle is the proud mother of a recovering addict, a podcaster, speaker and an award-winning author who has started a movement to ruin our son’s and daughter’s “using” careers. 

Jordan Barnes

Jordan is a grateful addict in recovery, and Sand Island Treatment Center is his home group. When he’s not sharing his experience, strength, and hope through writing, he enjoys bodysurfing and diving, as well as long walks on the beach while swinging his metal detector. Jordan resides in beautiful Kailua, HI. He has been sober from all mind and mood altering substances since August 29th, 2011. One Hit Away is his debut memoir to be released later this year. 

Taylor VerBerkmoes

Taylor is a wife to Phillip, mom to Honour a 4 yr old little girl, Valor (2 yr old little boy) and Zeal (8 month little boy). She is also  the Founder of Truth and Taylor, and a life coach. She is passionate about fully realizing the life that Christ died for her to have and has made it her mission to support others in doing that in any way she can. She founded Truth & Taylor as a platform to offer truth to those who might otherwise not hear in a way that exposes freedom.  As a life coach, Taylor works with her clients on the specific areas they may not even realize are stifling their ability to access all the God intended for them. 

André Elliott, Jr.

Andre is the loving husband of Kayleon and father of Ariah. He received his Bachelor's in Sociology in 2016 from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and his Master's in Divinity from Regent University in 2019. Since his ordination at the age of 16, Andre has served in various ministry capacities. He currently works as a chaplain resident at Duke University Hospital. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, watching documentaries, swimming, and cooking.

Emily Washcovick

Emily's first manic episode and hospitalization in October 2018 changed the way she saw herself. One year later, she's launching "Bipolar Brought Balance" to slay the stigma surrounding mental health and add her voice to the growing community of mental health advocates. Emily hopes to show another version of what living with bipolar disorder can look like, while also sharing lessons about work life balance, relationships and mental health that she has learned in her journey post diagnosis and treatment.

Joe Fucarino

Joe is a podcaster, writer, social media strategist, graphic designer, and Store Manager for Sprint. He has lived in multiple locations but calls Lodi, New Jersey his home. Joe grew up lower class, raised by his loving mother who battled addiction and drug abuse since he was 8 years old. He worked in the restaurant industry for the early part of his young adult life and went to a 2-year college for Hospitality Management. Joe ended up taking a major break from the 9 to 5 life and became an Uber Driver. Within 7 months he started his own business Therapy Without A Degree, which unraveled multiple creative ideas and business ventures that he is currently working on daily.

Cassie Savino

Cassie is a Type 1 diabetic, new mom, and Friends enthusiast who resides in New Jersey with her husband and newborn daughter. Diagnosed right before the age of 6, Cassie has lived as a diabetic for most of her life and has overcome the many challenges and obstacles brought on by the disease. Most recently, Cassie has experienced what having Type 1 diabetes is like during pregnancy, and now motherhood and breastfeeding.

Tiesha Marlow

Tiesha is a proud Michigan native where she is the eldest of four siblings. Currently residing in Virginia, she is a business leader, entrepreneur, mentor, and volunteer within her community. She is also a proud Navy veteran and alumnus of Regent University where she studied Law and National Security. Through much domestic and international travel she truly values her cultural awareness and implements her admiration through her leadership. She is an avid researcher with a true passion to learn new things. Tiesha’s family and close friends describe her as: genuine, loyal, successful, determined, intelligent, and assertive. As Founder and CEO of Security Scholars LLC, Tiesha reaches the local community through training, education, and consulting. She aims to impact as many students of life as possibly through career development and skill building. 

Shanté Woody

Shante, Philadelphia native, is a community leader, influencer and entrepreneur. She is a mother of 7 and has been married for 9 years. Her dessert company, Gracekakes, specializes in specialty dessert with the motto "Everyone deserves a little favor." In 2015, Shante launched Kingdom Worthy Events. Her vision is to encourage entrepreneurship to the faith community and present networking opportunities. She's hosted several successful events including a Business Expo and a Women's Conference. She currently resides in Greensboro, NC, where she is heavily involved in the community.

Candace Hackney

Candace is a resident of North Carolina, and a recent graduate from Regent University with a degree in Christian Ministry. Currently, she is in the process of earning her Master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences at NCCU. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with friends, traveling to different countries, baking, drinking a nice cup of tea and watching a good movie! She sticks by the rule that laughter is always the best medicine for a bad day.

Whitney Houston

Whitney was born and raised in Mount Olive and is currently living in Greenville, NC. She is a student at East Carolina University, where she has been accepted into the Nutrition and Dietetics Cohort Program!! She is also a proud member of the East Carolina Gospel Choir. She loves serving God and helping others.

Joi WIlliams

Joi is a recent graduate the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. While there, she served in various leadership roles on a campus ministry team within the campus community. She is also the founder of I Date Jesus Ministries. Her hobbies include painting and creating all forms of art for herself, as well as for others to enjoy.

Tomaura Toliver-Pelon

Tomaura is a native of Pittsburgh, PA who currently resides in Dallas, TX with her husband of 16-years. After completing 10 years of naval service, she earned her B.A. in Christian Ministry from Regent University, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity (MDiv). Known for her transparency, humor, and love of Scripture, Tomaura is committed to discipleship education, and helping believers unpack their God-given gifts. In Spring 2020, she will launch Votary Works, a custom devotional service. She enjoys sporting events and coffee - lots of coffee.

Geoffrey Whitley

Geoffrey is a graduate student and Assistant Hall Director at Old Dominion University, pursuing a degree in higher education. Founder and President of Prestige and Poise Majorette and Modeling Troupe. He likes to dance, sing, he loves life.  friends, and Jesus. He is an aspiring talk show host, dean of students, and dance company owner.

Sir'Tauria Hilliard

Tori is a resident of Goldsboro, NC. She is a member of Holly Hill Church of Christ Disciples of Christ located in LaGrange, NC. She serves as a Sunday School teacher for middle and high school students. She is a graduate of Meredith College and works full-time at The Center of Immunology and Computational Biology at Duke University. There, she works on various research projects pertaining to the development of Human Clinical Vaccines. In her spare time she enjoys visiting museums and reading. Often times she'd be found sitting on the porch enjoying idle conversation with her great-grandfather Pinkney Holloway.

Breonna Baker

Breonna is a preschool teacher in Wayne County. She also has her own business, Behind the Screen Media, LLC where she is the “brand storyteller.” She develops each brand strategically with creativity and excellence. No matter if she is lesson planning or brand storytelling, her foundation is Christ.

Ebony Rae

Ebony is a native of San Diego, CA. She was the primary caregiver to her mother who battled breast cancer twice over 12 years. Her mother ultimately passed away from metastatic breast cancer in August of 2017. She is currently working to launch a non-profit organization called Grief Help Club to support people grieving the loss of their mother to cancer. Ebony is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She's pursuing her creative passion by operating an Etsy shop Crafty Geeky Sassy. She handcrafts unique accessories from up-cycled materials and donates a portion of her proceeds to fund her non-profit.

Tiffany Kinkead

Tiffany is 35 and from Atlanta, GA. She has been married to her husband, Kurt, for 9 years and they have two daughters- Eliana who is 5, and Isabella who is almost 2. She is a pediatric nurse by profession, but She is currently a stay-at-home mom while undergoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

Erika Sheppard

Erika is from San Diego, CA, and currently resides in Baltimore, MD. She is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and works as a project coordinator for a pharmaceutical trade association. She loves hanging with her son who is hard of hearing, learning sign, playing in makeup, empowering women, and supporting black-owned businesses.

Aleshia Randall

Aleshia is from North Carolina and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate of Carolina Beauty College with a degree in cosmetology. She works as a Senior Sales Consultant for Nissan Dealership. She loves spending time with family and friends, freelance makeup artistry, going to church, and uplifting people that she connects with.

Tiffany Finley

Tiffany is author of A Fearless Journey to Motherhood: Fighting Fear with Faith During
Infertility & Pregnancy
, an infertility, preemie, and mom advocate, speaker, and a Certified
Doula (BEST) serving Dallas, TX and surrounding cities. She supports, hold space, and walks alongside women during fertility struggles, pregnancy, and birth. Tiffany is also founder of My Predestined One, a nonprofit organization in Dallas, TX whose mission is to provide support,
education, and encouragement to women during pregnancy, infertility, premature birth & loss and beyond, while bringing global awareness to these issues. Tiffany loves God, is a wife who is happily married to her loving husband of 9 years, and mother of 3 babies in heaven, and one here on earth. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, singing, writing, traveling,
encouraging others, binge watching Netflix shows, and blogging. She is also co-author of Letters to My Sisters: Teach. Empower. Apply.

Tony Wellington

Tony is a native of Wayne County. After attending Wayne County Public Schools, he attended Wayne Community College before moving on to East Carolina University. He is employed as a Reading Specialist/4th Grade Teacher working in Wayne and Wilson Counties. He is a member of First Baptist Church Eureka where he serves as Director of Music and as an Associate Minister. He endeavors to reach the lost through an authentic, caring, and truthful approach to the Gospel!

Ariel Simmons

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Ariel found her gift at an early age. The moment her pen touched paper she was forever bound to her love, writing. Like most, she found fulfillment in other activities but nothing could compare to her first love. At the age of 10 she began writing books of poetry, transitioning to screenplays in high school. Thereafter, her writing slowed down but by the grace of God she was reacquainted with her first love through the birth of her son Malcolm. In her debut children's book Miracle Malcolm she showcases her talents to the world as an author in hopes of inspiring, educating and spreading positivity to those around her.

Katy McFadden

Katy is a midwife, NICU nurse, Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist, Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, and Child Passenger Safety Technician in central Brooklyn. She recently resigned from her position as a NICU nurse at a segregated-Black and intentionally under-resourced hospital, and is taking time to explore political solutions to racial and gender health disparities before pursuing her next paid clinical position. She is a volunteer organizer with Ancient Song Doula Services. She lives with her fiance and 14 chickens in Weeksville, where she has been since 2013.  When not involved in the birth work, she can be found in her garden or spending time with her nephews. She recently resigned from her position as a staff nurse at SUNY Downstate- University Hospital Brooklyn, a 90%+ Black serving hospital 9x more dangerous than whiter serving institutions less than 10 miles away.  Described as a "whistle blower committing career suicide," Katy is currently focused on full time activism, trying to bring attention & solutions to SUNY Downstate.  She hopes to bring experts together to craft legislation that will address State perpetuated medical racism through a process of Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations.

Tara Miller

Army soldier.

Single mother.


Jim Burke

Jim is an RN in a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU. Nursing is his second career over a decade of retail management. He chose to switch careers after spending months beside his sister-in-law's bedside due to a massive stroke. During nursing school he was able to spend time in the NICU and fell in love with the nursing practice and team there. After graduating he started in a nursing graduate residency program and loves every single day of his job. He is also a former NICU dad.

Briana Durham

Briana has been married for two years and just recently gave birth to her son at 32 weeks, 4 days. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke with a Bachelor degree in Sociology. She works at BB&T and her hobbies include painting, eating, and singing. Most importantly, she is passionate about helping people.

Alex Zavala

Alex is a husband to his beautiful wife Jenn, and father to two preemie girls, Mia (30 weeks) and Emerson (27 weeks). He is a Vermont Oxford Network Family Partner, and member of Seton Network NICU Patient and Family Advisory Council. He is an ambassador for Hand to Hold, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and March of Dimes. He is a small business owner in Austin, TX, NICU dad, and advocate for NICU dad support. He hosts NICU Dad Discussions Podcast and NICU dad groups for NICU's.

Kayla Jones

Kayla was born & raised in the beautiful city of Goldsboro, NC. She is a proud wife of James Jones Jr., real estate agent and community advocate, and mother to a beautiful baby girl who despite being born prematurely has defied odds since she’s arrived. Alongside her roles as wife & mother, Kayla is a 2nd grade teacher, as well as an avid natural hair enthusiast who shares her love for her natural hair through her YouTube Channel: It Comes Natural. Kayla strives to be a light to everyone she comes in contact with & inspires them to authentically be themselves.

Carrita Flie

Carrita is a mom of one. Prior to becoming a mom she worked for the federal court system and loved every second of it. She studied Criminal Justice and obtained a Master of Legal Studies. After experiencing recurring losses and finally giving birth to her son at 26 weeks, things changed a lot! Her plans, goals, and passion shifted to prematurity awareness and helping other NICU families. She has since founded Raising Little Miracles Inc. which is an organization based in Chicago that serves NICU families and children of families with special needs. She recently published her first book, You're Still Here: A Piece of My Heart Partnered With Scripture Reflections.

Lola Price

Lola is from San Antonio, TX and currently resides in Research Triangle, NC. She is a recent graduate of East Carolina University, Human Development Family Science Major. She attends church at KCC Raleigh, and enjoys event planning/decor, working with the youth, and traveling in her free time.

Xaria Hudson

Xaria is a student in the Social Work program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is also a proud member of the 100 Black Women on campus. Her hobbies include reading for pleasure and volunteering around the community.