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the 45-day keepsake journal

for nicu mamas

Kayleon Dortch-Elliott, wife and NICU mom, gave birth to her beautiful little lady at 29 weeks gestation, and spent 43 days in the NICU. She found it difficult to keep track of milestones and setbacks, important notes, and journal each day on top of seeking encouragement and prioritizing self-care. The 45-Day Keepsake Journal: For NICU Mamas was created to provide a space for encouragement, journaling, self-care challenges, processing emotions, and writing heartfelt notes to your little one(s) while in the NICU. As many NICU parents can attest, the NICU experience can be a traumatic one. Mrs. Dortch-Elliott created this resource in hopes of bringing a little sunshine on the cloudiest of days, from one NICU mom to another.

The 45-Day Keepsake Journal: For NICU Mamas has been internationally recognized, donated to and purchased by organizations to include Colourful Beginnings (United Kingdom), Medical Moms of NICU (Arkansas), Them Too Foundation (Maryland), Oliver’s Little Warriors (Missouri), Mommy’s Miracle by Little Palms Press (Florida), Christmas in the NICU (Utah), and Hand to Hold (Texas). Since its release in October of 2019, almost 100 copies have been sold or donated.

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"In the midst of feeling worn and overwhelmed and consumed by doubt, I received this gift of a journal in the mail from another NICU mama that I have not met nor am I ever likely to meet in person but through social media, we have reached out, connected, bonded, and encouraged. Thank you @medicalmomsofnicu for this gift I did not even realize I needed so badly - I feel heard, known, and welcomed" - A. McCormick

"Love this journal from our friend @bgnpllc!" - Hand to Hold

"Thank you Kayleon for wanting to be a blessing to NICU families." - Colourful Beginnings (UK)

"They are beautiful. Thank you so much for providing those for some special mamas." - E. Sullivan, Coordinator of Christmas in the NICU

"So excited to have received these in the mail today! These will be going out to some VERY lucky NICU moms. These journals are stunning ad couldn't be more perfect! Thank you for these! I can't wait to continue this partnership" - Stefanie Harris, founder of Mommy's Miracle by Little Palms Press

"These are soooo good!" - @jannette24

"Wow! These are amazing" - @gaby_maggi

"Love these" - @jxiques

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