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You can purchase the MSE Podcast Conversation Starters Deck in the BGNP Store. My Sentiments Exactly Podcast is entirely listener supported and the subscription to listen is free. As the host of MSE, Kay strives to support guests' personal endeavors, businesses, and products. You are free to donate to assist the MSE community in supporting guests, purchasing equipment, and producing future episodes. Thank you, in advance, for your contribution!



August 6, 2020:


When I read the title of this podcast, I will admit my curiosity was stirred. I listened to about four episodes and I found this podcast to be quite enjoyable, clean, crisp with a variety of informative guests from all walks of life. I found the host giving this podcast a casual yet professional tone with each episode. Your host, Kayleon, wonderfully strives to bring delicacy and compassion to the guests who answer the hard questions of life. Thank you Kayleon for bringing life and awareness to the taboos and stigmas, so these topics can reveal the normalcy of some people’s lives. I highly encourage my readers to tune into My Sentiments Exactly Podcast every week at


Gloria Hass, Listener from Arizona

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March 16, 2020:


Hi Kayleon! I came across your show on Apple Podcasts and love it! I couldn't possibly pick a single episode that is my favorite because the awareness you bring on so many topics is so important to this world. As a domestic violence survivor, I ran away with only what could fit in my car across state lines to get help less than a couple years ago. The shifts I've had to make in my mindset, self-belief work, and my future dreams have been my biggest priority and healing is a huge factor in that. I love that you're talking about the tough stuff, breaking down the stigmas, and helping inspire people to change their lives.

Apple Podcast Listener from NYC




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