4 Tips to Improve Your Productivity

Have you been wanting to be more productive throughout the day but aren't sure where to start? Here are a few things we would recommend:

1. Think When

  • What time(s) of day do you feel most inspired and/or motivated?

  • What is it about this time that makes you more productive (freshness of a new day, having a break, time by yourself, no distractions, kids are at school, spouse at work, etc.)?

2. Think Where

  • Where do you feel most inspired and/or find yourself to be more productive?

  • Is it in a coffee shop, in a certain spot in your house, in a local library, at the park, at the beach (if you live close enough to the beach to be there at least twice a week, I'm jealous), on a patio?

3. Think Who

  • Do you work better alone or with other people?

  • Do you need to be by yourself or does the company of like-minded people spark your creativity?

  • Note: This may vary depending on what you're working on.

4. Think Why

  • What purpose is the task fulfilling?

  • What is the underlying motive?

  • What need is it meeting?

  • Who is it benefiting?

  • Is it a part of a short-term or long-term goal?

Let us know in the comments some things you have found helpful, which questions you'll incorporate from this list, and share this post with someone!





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