When I think of grace, my mind immediately connects that same grace with His love for us.

Take a moment, pause and ponder that.

The one who created everything, freely gave up His royal status, came down to earth, and died a violent death just so He could purchase our redemption. Now that’s love. God’s love for us is translated into many different ways, and one of my favorite displays of His love, is through the grace we are able to receive when we are connected to the Father. Not only that, but Christ’s grace reaches us wherever we may be at.

Whether we are deep in a valley or high on a mountain top. Free or bound, God’s grace can reach into the most unlikely places we could ever find ourselves.

Maybe you’re reading this and you want to know a love like this, but feel unworthy of the grace God has to give.

That’s the beautiful thing about it, we are unworthy of it and yet Christ still chooses to give it.

Apostle Paul described it best in Romans 11:6, “And since it is through God’s kindness, then it is not by their good works. For in that case, God’s grace would not be what is really is, free and undeserved.” I encourage you today to fully receive the free gift of God’s grace. Yes it’s undeserved, but that’s what makes the gift valuable.

Allow the Father’s grace to flood your heart and mind and rest in the fact that

you will never have to pay off this free gift by “good works”.

Let your heart accept the free gift of grace, and allow its pureness to shift your focus to the one who purchased it.

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