Hey guys! Just wanted to share a quick testimony on my life...

As many of you all know, mental health is something that I have struggled with in the past.

Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, stress...

About a month ago these things became a very heavy burden to the point of my suicidal thoughts becoming somewhat extreme. I decided to take the next step and, with the support of those in my inner circle, began counseling. Not even going to lie, it’s been scary because of the unknown of it all. But goodness it has been such a help for my mind. The resources I have been given to heal my mind have truly been a blessing from Jesus.

It is vital for you to give your mind what it needs to prosper and flourish. I cannot stress this enough. Your mental health is just as important as your physical and spiritual health. You can be a follower of Jesus and still struggle. You can be a follower of Jesus and still battle depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Struggling is okay, just don’t unpack and stay there.

I write this to encourage you to seek help if you are feeling like you are in a dark hole. There is NOTHING wrong with seeking help for your mental health. Just like we go to the doctor for our physical health, going to a counselor for your mental health is important. Also, open up to those who you not only trust but are truly following Jesus so they can pour life into you, because Jesus is the truth and the LIFE. You do have people who love you and want to help you.

Finally, seek Jesus. His presence. His peace.

It’s OKAY to not have it all together.

Run to Him... He has been waiting for you to, because you can’t walk through life on your own. I make the mistake of trying to figure it all out when Jesus already has it figured out. I consistently and constantly fail and miss the mark everyday.

That’s what Jesus’ love and grace is for.

Keep going, keep fighting, keep flying.

Isaiah 26:3


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