Mind If I Pull Up A Chair?

We all have goals, dreams, visions, aspirations... but sometimes life throws something unexpected and we find ourselves on a ferris wheel of incomplete tasks and unfinished business. Every time we get back to it, something else comes up and we’re back at square one. That’s just life.

In yesterday’s video I talked about the reality that creating your own table comes with a price. I also stressed the fact that one of my main motivations in expanding and finally making this service public was ensuring that you’re not left alone with the cost of creating your table. You don’t have to manage it by yourself. You don’t have to brainstorm, create, strategize, plan, execute, design, launch, etc. by yourself.

I had an amazing consultation this morning with a new client (yay 🎉) who is creating her own table. While life happening is often talked about negatively, this week I’ve witnessed life happen in a good way ✨

During our initial session, we will address the good, bad, and in between. Nothing is left untouched and you’ll find that your vision becomes a lot clearer once you’ve sorted through everything. You simply can’t do it all in your head. Nor can you do it alone.

The question isn’t whether you desire to create your own table.

I have no doubt the desire is there.

The REAL question is... Do you mind if I pull up a chair?

Visit bygracenp.com/services to see additional information and to book your free consultation today. I look forward to working with you!




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