My First TEDx Decision

There are many emotions associated with just the thought of being rejected and I’m sure some of them came to mind when you read that word. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel receiving my first follow-up decision, but to my surprise, no negative thoughts or feelings came up when I read the email. I have grown SO much in the past few years. If I got an email like this years ago, I would be in tears right now, engaging in a LOT of negative self-talk, and planning to never “put myself out there” again. Until this year, my identity and character have been tied to my accomplishments and other people’s thoughts of me.

When I decided to invest in my career as a speaker, I didn’t just say “yes” to another opportunity. I said “yes” to vulnerability. I agreed to be open to possibilities whether acceptance or rejection. The amazing thing about these events is that they are always popping up and I will be able to apply for as many events throughout the years as I desire to. But, I did want to share this, and I will keep sharing! I am waiting to hear back from TEDxDuke and on the lookout for other events I can apply for as the new year begins.

Cheers to the WHOLE journey, embracing the yes’ and the no’s!

**Added this update to my original TEDx post on social media from 11/19!

Read more about my TEDx journey here:

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