Let's Talk TEDx Webinar

What does it take to be a TEDx speaker? How do you know if the TEDx stage is for you? What is the process for applying, pitching and developing an "idea worth spreading?" Aspiring speakers often lack guidance from individuals who have walked the TED road and some end up spending thousands of dollars, leaving each course with the question of whether TEDx is right for them. Host Kayleon Dortch-Elliott (North Carolina, USA) and Co-Host Lauren Jacobs (Capetown, South Africa) are here to help in one session.


Three main objectives of the webinar are:
1) Participants should have all their questions answered
2) Participants should feel fully confident in their choice of whether to pursue TEDx 
3) Participants should know exactly where and how to start on their TEDx journey

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To search for upcoming TEDx events, visit https://www.ted.com/tedx/events

***Disclaimer: This webinar is independent of the TED or TEDx brand.

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